The Missing Piece in Your Success. . . - Professional Copywriting By Beverly Burney

Looking to Grow Your B2B Company?
I understand how hard it can be to market your products and/or services effectively to other businesses. I've been there (see About Me).
Professional copywriting may be the missing piece you need to grow your sales and grow and retain your customer base. All of which leads to happier customers and more revenue for you.
Effective marketing materials complete the puzzle:
  • Case Studies* - Documented studies of a specific real-life situations or imagined scenarios, often with a view toward proving the value of a product or service to prospective customers. (See link at asterisk below for an article about case studies.)
  • White Papers - A whitepaper is a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution.
  • Blog Posts - Keep your customers up to date with short, consistent posts on news and happenings in your company to keep them engaged and retained.
  • Newsletters - Pretty much the same as blog posts, only longer, more informative, and perhaps printed and emailed.
  • Emails - Directed to customers and prospects for various announcements, sales, time-sensitive offers, etc. 
There are, of course, many other marketing tools in my copywriter's tool bag, but these are the ones I specialize in.

To learn more about why you might want a copywriter to help you, check out the article, 5 Reasons You Might Want to Hire a Professional Copywriter, on another page.


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